Finding the Right Repair Shop

At Darrell’s Garage, we’re known for our friendly, down to Earth service and professional vehicle care. We know you’ll bring your car to us, but here are some good tips when looking for a qualified, honest Gastonia auto repair shop.

  1. Take the time to investigate an auto repair facility before you are in need of repairs. You don’t want to be forced to choose an auto repair shop.
  2. A great place to ask where to find an auto repair center is from family, friends, coworkers, and community members. You can also contact your Chamber of Commerce and local clubs to find out which businesses have the best reputations.
  3. Don’t forget the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Be a good consumer and be aware of what you are paying; but don’t fall for the lowest price in town.You are not only paying for parts and labor, but also the technical expertise, knowledge, equipment, and warranty. A good shop will save you money in the long run.
  4. Look for a shop with only ASE Certified mechanics. Shops that are quality conscious hire only the best in the industry. Don’t just look for the ASE signs and symbols as they can easily be put into ads and applied to doors and walls. Ask to see the technicians credentials before the work is started on your car.
  5. Compare warranties among multiple shops. A quality auto repair shop will stand behind their products with a competitive warranty if they truly believe in the work they complete.
  6. Choose an auto repair facility which is clean and tidy. A clean shop is a good representation that the owners care about their business. A tidy appearance is a strong sign that the business intends on serving the community for many years.
  7. Choose a shop which has stood the test of time. Many auto repair shops come and go, while others change hands frequently. Choosing an established shop is the best indicator for ensuring your satisfaction as the customer.