How our Shop is dealing with COVID-19

During these unique times we at Darrell’s Garage are closely monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic with updates from the C.D.C, W.H.O, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services as well the local, state and federal governments. We are also monitoring the wellness of our staff. Since this is an unprecedented experience; our shop met as a team to discuss the known facts and to construct a plan for safely working through this outbreak and recovery.

Our current plan is to remain open as long as feasible to support our community by providing automotive repairs and services to ensure their cars remain in a safe and reliable running condition and to offer a 10% discount to all Law Enforcement, First Responders and Medical Personnel and to those who are temporarily out of work as a result of this outbreak. We have implemented several new safety precautions along with our normal cleaning standards, such as: our techs wear disposable gloves when driving customer’s cars; we sanitize customer’s keys when receiving and returning them; our techs washes their hands after pulling a customer’s car into a service bay; service advisors use hand sanitizer after each transaction with a customer and money exchange along with washing their hands throughout the day; and hourly the office is sprayed with Lysol on frequently touched surfaces i.e. doorknobs, counter, chairs and keyboards as well as the restroom.

Other options to limit contact and potential spreading sickness includes our Key-drop box for after hours drop-off/pickup. We offer “pay by phone” and we have “contactless pay” if your phone or credit/debit card is equipped. Additionally, we do work on an appointment schedule allowing our customers to make plans to drop off their cars and avoid the waiting room.

As this situation continually changes we will take necessary action which may include: limiting our hours, limiting the volume of cars we take in a time or even if required, temporary closing.

Our hearts go out to those most affected and we pray for their recovery and for those who are working to treat, fight and prevent further outbreaks.

-Terry & Staff of Darrell’s Garage

Written by Darrell's Garage

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